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Abdie Curling Club


“Abdie man saves Europe”

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Fixtures & Results 2017 - 2018

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Fixture - Final Results Page 2017-2018.pdf

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Trophy Awards

Epergne -    Cate Cruikshank, George, Chris and Andrew S

Pairs - Gordon Craig and Andy Messenger

Silver Kettle - Rink 4 - Andrew Messenger

Cathcart Trophy - Rink 1 - George Thompson


President v Vice President - Howison Trophy - Stewart, John, Sandy and Gordon

Secretary v Treasurer - Lister Trophy - John M, Lars, Randy and Rob

Points -

Local Medal (1st):

Andy Messenger

17 Points

Burton Medal (2nd):

John McCallum

15 Points

Hamilton Medal (3rd):

Rob Watson

14 Points